Hardness of the Wood

Another consideration is the ‘hardness’ of the wood or timber to be used in the floors. With regards to this consideration, timber flooring options are generally categorized into two: hardwood floors and softwood floors.

‘Softwood’ is considered to be easier to work with in general, mainly because it has lower density levels compared to hardwood, and they are also cheaper options and perfect for homeowners or property owners who are working on a strict budget. Softwood includes pine wood, cedar wood, spruce, and fir.
On the other hand, ‘hardwood’ are much denser and (as the name implies) much harder than the above mentioned types of wood. Some examples of hardwood flooring options include oak, mahogany and teak. 

Needless to say, these types of flooring options are much more expensive than softwood and are thus more suitable as options for commercial flooring in Sydney rather than in residences with smaller budgets.

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