Aged Care Facilities Sydney Flooring Options

There are many commercial flooring options available which can be used for aged care flooring, and choosing among them can sometimes be challenging

It is imperative that the facility administration choose the flooring options that can help to prevent any slips, trips or falls to avoid any accidents or unfortunate events from happening. Thus, here are some key considerations to help you make a better and more informed decision.

Safety is of paramount concern when it comes to aged care facilities – after all, people come there in order to be taken-cared of. In an aged care facility, or most other types of health care facility for that matter, many of the patients therein will be suffering from uncertain footing.

As such, some of the most recommended commercial flooring in Sydney for aged care facilities are carpets and rubber floorings. These two types of flooring options come in sheets and tiles, and although tiles have certain advantages when it comes to maintenance and replacements, carpet sheets and rubber flooring sheets are much more advisable since there are no breaks in the floor that can cause tripping. Still though, tiles can be used provided that they are installed by a professional flooring contractor to ensure that the edges don’t come off easily 

Managers should also consider the design of the commercial floors that they choose to have installed because this can have certain benefits and effects on the patients (as well as the other people like staff and guests) in the facility. There are many elements style and design but some of the most important ones (in this particular case) would be the colour and the patterns or markings of the flooring. Therefore it is important to do your due dliegence and implement the correct flooring options that adhere to building regulations set out by Government bodies .

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