Aged Care Flooring Brisbane - Slip Resistant Flooring

Slips and falls can be extremely dangerous in an aged care facility which is why it is important to incorporate slip and fall resistant aged care flooring Brisbane. Use of aged care flooring Brisbane would ensure safety of residents and a reduction in the risk level and chances of litigation.

In aged care facilities, carers have a duty to ensure highest standards of safety and security for their elderly residents and thus flooring and surfaces play a major role. Slip resistant coatings and treatments can be applied to Aged care flooring Brisbane to meet current Australian standards.

The two main standards are AS4663 Slip resistance measure of existing pedestrian surfaces and AS4586 Slip resistance classification for new surface materials. There are lot of flooring options available like Linoleum flooring, Slip safety  vinyl flooring, flocked flooring, and general purpose vinyl flooring. The finishing must stand up to the daily demands along with offering a comfortable and safe environment with Aged care flooring Brisbane.  

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