An Overview of Rubber Flooring

When people think about commercial flooring materials, they will usually think of timber or hardwood floors. Some commercial property owners might think of carpeted floors, tiles or natural stone floors. However, not many people will find themselves thinking about rubber flooring. Made from rubber, rubber floors are increasingly becoming popular in commercial facilities across the country. These floors are extremely springy. As a result, walking, standing or working on these floors is remarkably easy. Flooring experts opine that springy floors can make standing or walking for long stretches of time very comfortable. Not surprisingly, rubber floors are increasingly common to see in hospitals, retail stores and industrial facilities. 

Rubber flooring materials come in various formats. At one time, rubber pads were quite popular. Floor installers would simply overlay these pads on to the existing flooring. In recent times, the advent of rubber tiles has put rubber pads in the shade. Manufacturers design rubber tiles for installation as a permanent flooring solution. Some manufacturers are even producing rubber flooring with sealants. The use of sealants makes these floors water-resistant. In addition, these sealants can withstand stains and keep the flooring clean as well. One of the best features of rubber flooring lies in the fact that most rubber floors are black. Thus, they are easy for concealing stains and other ugly marks. 

The use of rubber flooring in industrial facilities has been quite common for decades. But, these floors also possess certain traits and features that have rendered them useful in retail and commercial environments too. For instance, standing for extended spans of time on hard flooring can cause various injuries. However, rubber flooring is springy and comfortable to walk on. So, it reduces the risk of injuries quite significantly. Similarly, walking on rubber floors can ease the strain on the feet and legs. This is why some people refer to it as ‘anti-fatigue flooring’. Rubber floors can resist bacteria and other microorganisms too. This makes them one of the best commercial flooring options to use in healthcare facilities. Because rubber floors can resist bacteria, they are ideal for use in operating theatres, laboratories and other healthcare facilities. 

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