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When it comes to flooring options in the commercial sector, rubber is a highly versatile material. It is ideal for use in a diverse range of applications. Some decades ago, only gyms and industrial facilities used rubber flooring. Today, the use of rubber flooring is easy to spot in many commercial and retail applications. Hospitals and healthcare facilities use rubber flooring for its anti-microbial properties. Schools and other educational institutions use rubber floors in their facilities. In fact, some commercial and corporate offices in Australia’s largest cities feature rubber floors as well. The reasons for this are not difficult to understand.

Rubber is a durable and eco-friendly material. It provides a comfortable cushioning when you step on it. As a result, it feels very comfortable and springy. Because of this, people use rubber floors for walking, standing, playing and even, working out in gyms. Besides this, rubber floors come in a wide range of colours. And, should you feel the need, you will be able to customise these floors for creating a unique look as well. For instance, you will not find it difficult to get your floor covering supplier in Brisbane or other places to print the logo of your company or brand on your flooring.

It goes without saying that rubber flooring offers several advantages. But, before you look around for the best flooring for your facility, you will need to keep certain factors in mind such as:

-        Whether the flooring meets your specific needs – for instance, a gym featuring heavy equipment and weights will have needs that are quite different from a corporate office with general foot traffic or a school with kids who will run, play or jump

-        The kind of rubber flooring you need i.e. interlocking tiles, glue-down floors or rolled out rubber flooring

-        Whether you plan to use the commercial rubber flooring indoors or outdoors – because, while rubber is waterproof, it is worth highlighting that not all commercial rubber flooring is ideal for using outdoors and,

-        Whether your rubber floors should look like rubber or another flooring material such as carpets etc.

When you want the best commercial flooring options for your facility, don’t look beyond Peter Kelly Flooring (PKF). Since 1976, we have specialised in supplying and installing commercial flooring. Supplying and installing quality carpet, vinyl, timber and rubber floors is our forte. Our experience and reputation in the flooring industry has enabled us to forge strong relationships with many major suppliers in the industry. This has given us access to a comprehensive range of products. In addition, it has enabled us to offer our clients a myriad of options. It is our belief that we can identify flooring options that will suit the needs of our clients’ projects perfectly. This trait has helped us acquire an unbeatable reputation in the flooring industry.

It is worth highlighting that we have supplied quality flooring material to a diverse selection of market segments. Many commercial establishments in the retail, hospitality and healthcare sectors have capitalised on our experience to obtain the flooring of their choice. Our expertise enables us to offer quality flooring products for all office fit-outs and commercial installations. We take immense pride in our ability to satisfy the needs of our clients throughout Australia. So, the next time you want to replace your flooring, think of us. Call us at 02 9899 6688 (NSW) or 07 3352 4888 (QLD) for more details.

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