Avoid Rollers As Well

Rollers or rolling casters on chairs and other furniture and appliances can be really convenient. This is especially true if you find the need to keep moving them around. However, as convenient as they are, they can also wreak havoc on your commercial vinyl flooring.

The act of dragging and pushing chairs, furniture and appliances will cause scratches and streaks to your vinyl flooring. This is what happens when you run a bare wood or metal legs on soft flooring materials like vinyl. You may think that rollers or roller castings will not, but that is not the case. Even rollers or wheels will leave some form of damage to the floor such as light scratches or streaks.

In general, it is not recommended to drag or push furniture and appliances over commercial vinyl flooring. Instead, ask for help and carry the item to be moved. If you can’t help it, place some plywood over the vinyl floor first. Create a path from point of origin to the destination, and carefully roll the item over the plywood. Make sure that you don’t drag the plywood as you go along.

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