Benefits Of Commercial Vinyl Flooring


It often happens that weights are dropped on the gym floor, whether by accident or not. Most other types of flooring materials like commercial vinyl flooring will not be able to tolerate such abuse, and will certainly get damaged in such cases. Rubber on the other hand is soft enough to cushion and absorb the falling barbells, dumbbells and plates. This helps to protect the subfloor under the rubber flooring.And you don’t have to worry about the rubber flooring itself because the weight gym equipment and machinery won’t affect it. Sometimes, a dent will be observed where the heavy object fell. However, being an elastic material, you can expect the rubber floor to return to its original shape after a while.

Noise Reduction

Rubber floors also have excellent noise reduction and sound dampening properties. For many gym owners and their neighbours, this is a very important factor.

Gyms can be noisy most (if not all) of its operating hours. You have (very) loud adrenaline pumping music playing in the background, barbells and irons falling on the floor, and many other loud sounds (including the grunting of the lifters). All in all, these can be quite irritating to a gym’s neighbouring businesses.

Rubber floors, because of their insulation properties, can help to reduce the amount of noise that escapes the gym. It absorbs some (not necessarily all) of those noises and muffles the ambient noise in the space. There are very few flooring materials and floor covering in Brisbane that have equally excellent sound insulating properties. There are also some rubber floors that are designed specifically with acoustic insulation properties. If you are looking for such rubber flooring materials, be sure to talk to your flooring contractor and they can help you find the right rubber material for your gym’s floors.

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