Benefits of Using Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl composition tile (VCT) or vinyl flooring is a flooring material typically designed for commercial use. They come in different shapes and sizes. Businesses typically have them installed by Sydney flooring companies due to the durability they offer. While this flooring material is used in many businesses, some companies remain unconvinced about the benefits of using this flooring material.

The following are some benefits of having vinyl flooring installed in the office.

Water Resistance

Vinyl flooring material dies nit get easily damaged by water. This is especially true when the material is newly-installed. This makes it perfect for groceries, supermarkets, and other similar businesses. It is also ideal for offices located close to bodies of water or areas where moisture tends to build up easily. When it comes to commercial flooring, Sydney-based flooring companies can easily install them in any place of business.

Low Maintenance

It does not take much to maintain vinyl flooring. Dust, dirt, or debris can be easily swept off. With liquid spills, a damp mop can be used to wipe it off the floor. A floor cleaner designed for vinyl can also be used to remove any stains on the floor. Vinyl is the easiest to clean among all flooring materials in the market. Due to this, it requires little to no maintenance. But it is important to avoid drenching vinyl flooring with water. While it may be easy to clean, the water may seep under the material and damage the glue keeping the material in place. With this in mind when cleaning commercial flooring, Sydney companies may be able to assist in ensuring the floor is cleaned properly.


While the material itself is durable, its durability is further enhanced when it is installed properly. Due to this, it is essential to have the flooring installed properly. When it comes to the installation of vinyl flooring, Sydney companies with unrivaled reputations would be up to the task. These Sydney flooring companies typically have the necessary experience in the installation of these types of flooring. Proper maintenance also contributes to the lifespan of vinyl flooring. They can last a decade or two if they are maintained properly.

Resists Stains

Vinyl flooring, particularly printed models, feature a layer that protects it from spills and stains. Even if the flooring is stained, it will be easy to clean using a cleaner designed for vinyl materials. But composite vinyl flooring may not have this clear layer, so it may be necessary to polish the material. It may even be necessary to strip it off if the floor cleaner does not suitably remove the stain. When it comes to commercial flooring, Sydney flooring companies offer services to perform these tasks.

Easy to Install

While vinyl flooring is relatively easy to install, it is necessary to ensure the subfloor should completely dry. Business owners can even install this flooring material themselves. But it is advisable to have a reputable Sydney flooring company to perform the task. When it comes to vinyl flooring, Sydney-based companies can install it at a minimal cost. This is particularly true when it comes to flooring featuring stylish designs. With these types of vinyl flooring, Sydney companies can ensure they are installed properly to enhance their visual appeal.

Reasonable Price

The cost of vinyl flooring is lower compared to other flooring options. Even premium vinyl materials are reasonably priced compared to similar materials in the market. This makes vinyl excellent material for businesses and offices looking to protect their floor while keeping costs low.  The price difference between the types of vinyl flooring is determined by the design and quality of the material.

Vinyl was first introduced nearly a century ago and it has come a long way since it made an impact at the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago nearly a hundred years ago. Today, the material is found in many offices and business across Australia.

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