Commercial Carpet Flooring Maintenance

The maintenance of carpet flooring is painstaking, frequent and essential. It is one of the commercial floors that absolutely requires high maintenance if you wish to gain the best possible outcome in terms of performance and appearance.

Firstly, the type of carpet that is being used must be acknowledged before maintenance begins, maintenance works around the specifications of the carpet and the amount of foot traffic that passes by it. Additionally, how much soiling material that finds its way on the carpet will impact the maintenance process for this reason it’s vital to consider, location and what substances are likely to be spilt on the carpets.

Then, we need to ask, why we are maintaining these Commercial floors. The answers to that question are simple:

  1. Keep the carpet looking like its brand new for as long as possible; and
  2. Keeping carpet wear to a minimum to ensure performance.

After acknowledgment of those two answers it is time to consider the maintenance program to be used quite regularly. Firstly preventative measures should be made to reduce the risk of spillage, and mess. This can be achieved quite easily through keeping customers outside where possible, utilizing doormats and other soil control matting. Furthermore, chair mates can be used to reduce prolonged damage to the carpet and underlay.

Vacuuming of course is the most vital part of Commercial floor maintenance when it comes to carpets. Walking on soiled carpet that has not been vacuumed creates wear, discoloration and abrasion. It is not just soil as well which finds its way into the carpet but other chemicals, silica and sand. To help prevent this a program of frequent vacuuming needs to be put in place.

Additionally, spot and stain removal needs to be dealt with immediately as if they are left unattended they become very difficult to remove, even impossible at times.

Finally, deep cleaning via steam cleaning and hot water should be utilized on the carpets by a hired professional. The frequency of this will be dependent on the traffic volume of the business.

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