Commercial flooring options - Choices for the Kitchen Floor

There are four popular Commercial flooring options for your kitchen floor viz. Vinyl flooring, Stone tiles, Ceramic tiles and Brick pavers. One needs to choose the best depending on their business needs and budget.

Vinyl is a common option for Commercial kitchens since it is safe, strong and requires minimal maintenance. Vinyl offers cost effective Commercial flooring options and its soft and pliable surface gets easier on the feet of the kitchen staff. Generally available in tiles and sheets they are also resistant to high temperatures and impermeable to water.

Ceramic tiles offer good Commercial flooring options because of its water resistant, heat and stain resistant qualities. They are also treated with glass glaze to improve its durability and design. Stone tiles offer a unique aesthetic appeal and quite easy to care and maintain. They are generally very expensive however they look great in high end Commercial kitchens. To add texture and colour with Commercial flooring options, one can choose brick pavers.

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