Commercial Flooring Options for Drop-in Childcare Centres

Drop-in childcare centres are quickly becoming popular given that parents are becoming more and busy with professional and domestic obligations. With drop-in childcare centres, parents can leave their children in the care of loving and caring people while they go about with their tasks. If you are planning to open such a business, then one thing you’ll have to consider is the type of floor to use. There are many commercial flooring options suited for such facilities, and here are some of them.

Rubber Floor Tiles                                              

Rubber floor tiles are one of the best commercial flooring options you can use for your drop-in childcare centre. They are actually used in a variety of establishments and educational centres that cater to children. Rubber floor tiles are generally soft so you don’t have to worry about children getting badly injured when they fall. And the thicker the rubber, the softer (and more comfortable) it is.

In addition, rubber floor tiles are resistant to water and stains. Spilled drinks and food shouldn’t cause any obvious damage to the rubber floor tile’s surface. Thus, your flooring will definitely look clean, hygienic and inviting for longer. There are chemicals that will discolour rubber like bleach, but there’s really no need to worry since these substances aren’t commonly found in drop-in childcare centres.


Vinyl is another great options since like rubber floor tiles, it is also resilient against stains. Vinyl is generally easy to clean and sanitize using any regular cleaning solution without damaging its surface. Vinyl is actually a preferred commercial flooring option because of this feature.

However, vinyl floors in itself isn’t soft or comfortable like rubber. Thus, you’ll want to put an under layer of cork as a subfloor for your vinyl. Many aged care facilities and daycare centres actually do this. With a cork underlayment in place, your vinyl floors should be as soft and as safe as rubber floors.


A less popular commercial flooring material is cork. However, it is actually one of the safest flooring materials that you can use for a drop-in childcare centre. It is an all-natural flooring material and is as soft and as yielding as rubber floor tiles. It is bouncy and squishy and children falling on the floor will rarely get injured.

However, that softness is also one of the biggest drawbacks of cork flooring. Because of the soft surface, cork flooring can easily be damaged. Sharp objects like pens and even unpadded table and chair legs will certainly leave a mark on cork floors.

So which flooring option should you choose? Obviously, the better choices would be rubber floor tiles and vinyl, although this is not to say that cork flooring should be ignored since it does have its own benefits. Nonetheless, the important thing when choosing a flooring material for drop-in childcare centres is the children’s safety. So whatever flooring material you choose, it should always provide a safe environment for the children to play in.

If you need help selecting an appropriate flooring material for your drop-in childcare centre, just get in touch with us and we’d be glad to help you out. As a leading supplier of flooring materials and floor covering in Brisbane, we have a variety of flooring options to suit your specific needs and demands.

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