Commercial floors - Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Commercial floors go through a lot of challenges during the Winter due to salt, dirt and ice melting chemicals. By the time everyone is ready to welcome Spring, Commercial floors look used and worn out. With a deep clean, commercial floors will retain their style, finish and aesthetics.

There are several options available to clean and maintain commercial floors like Scrub and recoat, Strip and Wax, and Mop, restore and burnish. Scrubbing and recoating commercial floors is certainly cost effective and it drastically improves the look of the floor. It can be done every four to six months. Strip and Wax involves application of four to six coats of wax.

The Commercial floors must be mopped clean and any damage is restored by the use of wax. The floor is then burnished to melt the wax which gives commercial floors a new shine and finish.

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