Commercial floors – Timber Maintenance

High quality timber flooring is a popular option amongst businesses looking for commercial floors in the Sydney area. The style of timber conveys a professional look that is sure to be appreciated by those who walk on top of it. Additionally, timber is one of the commercial floors that is most durable, tough and that requires the least amount of maintenance. However, there are some things to note when it comes to timber flooring maintenance.

As goes for any commercial floors, timber requires ongoing maintenance. The accumulation of sand and grit brought into buildings or homes through shoes have the ability to damage timber floor finishes over time as they are stepped on. An easy method of reducing this accumulation is to have a mat placed inside and outside of every external door. It is also important not to have intense sunlight shining on timber flooring as this can quite easily cause gaping and cupping for the commercial floors. A regular cleaning program should already be established where mopping is done daily with an antistatic mop, these mops specialise in collecting grit and dust. Soft head vacuums are also a good option and it is important to avoid using metal head vacuums that have the potential to scratch the timber flooring. It is also important to use cleaning products that don’t contain harsh detergents, abrasive cleaners, bleaches, turpentine and kerosene as these will damage the flooring. Instead use cleaners recommended by your manufacturers which will most likely be a wood floor cleaner.

It is paramount to not be complacent with timber flooring. Many think they font require any attention or ongoing maintenance and this is certainly not the case. If you wish to keep your commercial floors looking sparkling new then set up a maintenance plan and follow it. 

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