Don’t’ Wax Unless Specified

Some vinyl flooring in Sydney and Brisbane are considered as “No Wax” types. Basically, what this is that you shouldn’t apply wax on its surface. It can be tempting to wax your vinyl flooring in order to make it look more appealing. Still, this should be avoided.

The “Now Wax” type of commercial vinyl flooring has a clear polyurethane coating which gives it its natural sheen. When you apply wax to such types of vinyl, the wax won’t adhere to the coating. Instead, the wax will leave behind a mess that can be rather challenging to clean afterwards.

If you want to make your commercial vinyl flooring shine, you can use a polisher or sealant that is made specifically for “No Wax” floors. This can be done at least once a year, since high quality products will usually retain its shine for that long.

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