How Does Broadloom Carpet Flooring Compare with Carpet Tiles in Commercial Applications?

If you want a flooring material that feels soft underfoot, you will likely think of carpets. Carpets can be an attractive and superlative flooring material. The high levels of comfort that they offer makes them a favourite among residential and commercial property owners alike. In addition, they can do wonders to enhance the visual appeal of your home and office interiors. And, in terms of exuding a warm and welcoming look, carpets are second to none. Carpet flooring comes in two varieties – broadloom carpet floors and carpet tiles. Both commercial flooring options offer immense value for money. But, you will need to ascertain which material will suit your requirements the best.

The former denotes a flooring material woven on very wide looms. In many cases, these floors come in rolls that are approximately 12 feet wide. The latter refer to square, modular tiles of carpeting. These tiles come with an integrated backing material and base. Also known as carpet squares or modular carpets, these tiles are increasingly becoming the flooring material of choice – especially in high-traffic commercial applications. Regardless of the type of carpeting you choose, broadloom carpets and carpet squares will exude a warm and welcoming look. In addition, they will offer higher levels of insulation as opposed to hard surface flooring. With effective maintenance, both types of carpets could last you for many years.

Broadloom carpets come in an array of styles – ranging from traditional colours to contemporary designs. This aspect typically serves to provide a number of creative possibilities. The floor installers will usually install broadloom carpets over a carpet pad. This reduces the need to correct any minor imperfections in the subfloor, prior to installation. Some suppliers also offer broadloom carpets with a backing that acts as a moisture barrier. These carpets offer superlative levels of stain resistance and durability. In some cases, suppliers can even weld the seams chemically. This serves to provide a virtually seamless appearance. With a suitable underlay material, broadloom carpeting can feel very plush underfoot too.

Commercial property owners in Sydney, who are looking for suitable flooring materials, will find carpet tiles to their liking. The modular nature of these tiles makes them ideal for use in all kinds of commercial and even, residential applications. For instance, you could use carpet tiles to create various patterns in a children’s play area. Unlike broadloom carpets, floor installers typically mount carpet tiles directly to the subfloor. This necessitates eliminating any imperfections present in the subfloor. Otherwise, these imperfections could compromise the placement and the durability of the carpet tile. In addition, it is worth highlighting that installing carpet tiles is much easier than installing broadloom carpets. In many cases, you will not need to empty out the room for installing carpet tiles in it. 

In terms of creating effective moisture barriers, carpet tiles are better than broadloom carpets. This is because the carpeting on the tiles remains directly bonded to the dense vinyl backing of the tile. This aspect enables the tiles to create a strong moisture barrier. In addition, replacing damaged or soiled tiles is easier in the case of carpet tiles. Moreover, installing carpet tiles does not produce as much waste as installing broadloom carpets. Workers will typically need to cut the underlay material when installing broadloom carpets, thereby producing more waste. 

Installation remains the key when it comes to carpet tiles and broadloom carpets. In the case of carpet tiles, workers will need to space and align each tile precisely. This will eliminate the occurrence of issues where the edges of some tiles curl up or spread apart. However, even the best installation services will not be able to make your carpet tiles look like a continuous expanse of flooring, as is the case with broadloom carpets. It goes without saying that broadloom carpets and carpet tiles usually feature various recycled materials. This aspect enables these flooring materials to comply with various environmental standards. 

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