How to refinish commercial vinyl flooring?

Yes, your commercial vinyl flooring can be refinished after using for years. The Vinyl flooring can easily become yellowish or dull in color. Follow the proper flooring manufacturer’s recommendations given in manual for maintaining the commercial vinyl flooring, when choosing a finishing product for your vinyl floor. Make sure that the floor stripper and finish you choose fulfill with volatile organic compound (VOC) emission standards where you live.

Most commonly used tips for refinishing your commercial Vinyl flooring are:

1.       Use floor protectors on any furniture to place on vinyl floor and place walk-off mats at entrances to prevent scratches and indentations on your vinyl floor.

2.       Remove all furniture from the room before you begin the refinishing process and place signs near room entrances that that remind people not to walk on the floor. Open windows to provide ventilation to get easy rid of from odor smell of cleaner used.

Vinyl flooring is good options to be used in highly used area of the house, like kitchen, living area, dining area, etc. Therefore, need proper finishing after certain time period with proper step by step process.

  1. Strip the floor if there are more than five coats of finish on the floor. Mix stripper with cold water in a bucket. Mop the commercial vinyl floor with a substantial amount of stripper and allow it to set without drying for seven to 10 minutes to let it dry and properly observe.
  2. Vacuum up the floor stripper with a wet-dry vacuum equipped with a straddling sponge. Apply stripper, agitate and rinse again if there is a heavy buildup.
  3. Scrape off bits of anything that is stuck on the floor so that the finish does not seal it onto the vinyl floor surface.
  4. Do the proper mopping process with different 8 patterns to ensure the complete process. And, let it dry after every coat of mopping the floor.

For more information about the refinishing of your commercial vinyl flooring, contact our experts at PK flooring. We are one of the leading companies of vinyl flooring in Sydney.

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