Importance of Sydney flooring across all market sectors

The differing types of flooring supplied by PKF are used across a wide array of market sectors each requiring differing functions and specifications. As Sydney flooring specialist we supply and install vinyl, carpet, timber and rubber flooring to our clients across these market segments and have been doing so for 40 years. Here is a list of some the different market segments we supply to and the common types of flooring they require.

Health and Aged Care: The health and aged care industry is particularly keen on hard vinyl flooring that is clean, durable, lasts long and is comfortable. As a supplier for Vinyl flooring in Sydney , we are proud to help the health/aged care industry achieve their goals on a delivering quality service. Additionally, timber and carpet is often used in waiting/lobby areas.

Education: PKF are proud to of been successfully involved in over 400 NSW and Queensland school projects during the BER rollout used by major building contractors during the NSW Government Contract process. As you may have thought, the education sector utilizes all the types of flooring we offer. Though, they especially liken to safe carpets in their class rooms, particularly in primary schools.

Hospitality: The hospitality sector tends to favor timber in restaurants when seeking our Sydney flooring service. However, carpet is often used at clubs and pubs as well to give off a leisurely look.  

Commercial: This sector loves our Sydney flooring and often choose sleek and professional timber floors to go with other features around their building.

Retail: The Retail industry uses all our flooring bar rubber. However, they won’t shy away from vinyl or carpet.

Sports: This sector rely heavily on flooring that is surface resistant and has rebound qualities, and what better type of flooring to achieve this goal than Rubber in gyms, fitness centers and other sporting complexes.

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