Rubber Flooring Is Water and Slip Resistant
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Rubber Flooring Is Durable but Soft
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Rubber Flooring Is Easy to Maintain
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Rubber Flooring Is Strong and Durable
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Commercial Flooring Options: Rubber Flooring
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Are You Looking for the Best Commercial Flooring Options?

For the best commercial flooring solutions, you will need the expertise of an established supplier of commercial flooring materials. Business owners typically have a number of things to deal with. From tracking the supply of raw materials to marketing their wares effectively, they usually have their hands full. As such, they will not have much awareness (or knowledge) of the best flooring solutions currently available. It’s possible that they might know the kind of flooring they require. But, they will consider seeking the guidance of an established flooring supplier to make the best choice.
This is why commercial clients throughout Australia throng to Peter Kelly Flooring (PKF). Since 1976, we have been providing our clients with cost effective and durable flooring solutions for their requirements. From supplying different varieties of commercial flooring to installing them, we do it all. We specialise in offering commercial flooring solutions in vinyl, carpet and timber flooring. It is worth highlighting that our floors adorn a wide range of market segments. From establishments in the hospitality sector to office fitouts, our floors serve a diverse range of commercial clients. Our staff possess a comprehensive knowledge of the construction and flooring industries. Thus, they are best equipped to helping you pick the best timber and vinyl flooring that your Sydney facility needs. It is worth highlighting that we have offices in New South Wales and Queensland. So, we can provide flooring solutions throughout the country Read more >

How Should You Consider Selecting the Best Commercial Facility and Aged Care Flooring in Brisbane and Elsewhere?

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What Kinds of Materials Do Commercial Rubber Flooring Typically Comprise?

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What is Commercial Rubber Flooring?

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What Kinds of Vinyl Flooring Can You Typically Come Across in Many Cities in Australia?

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