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Shopping for new commercial flooring in Sydney and other places is easy. You will invariably come across a plethora of suppliers with a wide selection of products. But, not all flooring companies can offer a hassle-free installation experience. 
The installation part of the project often makes or breaks relationships between the commercial property owner and the flooring supplier. This is why it is best to do the necessary research before you even commence shopping for new floors. It is worth mentioning that experienced flooring suppliers will not only have an extensive range of flooring types to offer. They will back the value of their products with superlative installation and customer services. 

An experienced flooring supplier will have a team that is both diligent and efficient. Commercial flooring installation projects are seldom (if at all) one-person projects. Hence, the entire team will work as a cohesive unit towards accomplishing the project in the fastest timeframe possible. 

Similarly, each individual in the team will typically have years of experience in installing all kinds of floors. They will possess an in-depth knowledge about the various elements and details associated with commercial flooring installations. Among other things, these professionals will use innovative methods for complementing their efficiency to deliver perfect floor installations consistently. 

At Peter Kelly Flooring, we possess all the traits and attributes listed above. We specialise in providing quality flooring products for all kinds of commercial facilities. With offices in both New South Wales and Queensland, we can offer our impeccable products and services all over the country. 

This plays an important role in our ability to deliver complete satisfaction to our clients – regardless of their location. Not surprisingly, our professionalism and expertise have made us a leader when it comes to supplying and installing commercial flooring all over Australia.

Since 1976, we have been installing commercial flooring in Brisbane and several other towns and cities in Australia. In addition, our team have successfully concluded flooring installation projects for a myriad of clients in various business sectors. We have installed new flooring in many establishments in the hospitality and retail sectors. In addition, we have handled an array of office fit-outs and commercial installations as well. 

Unlike other flooring companies, we have successfully assisted in several government contract installations too. We typically focus on supplying and installing carpet, vinyl, timber and rubber floors. Hence, we have built strong relationships with some of the leading suppliers in the industry. 

This gives us access to an extensive range of products, which makes it easier to find floorings that suit the unique needs of any project. When you shop with us, you can expect to receive quality products and superlative services. And, we can vouch for the fact that our professionalism and expertise will leave you feeling completely satisfied in making your vision a reality. 

Check out some of our projects here. Or, call us at 02 9899 6688 (NSW) or 07 3352 4888 (QLD) for more information. 

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