Sydney flooring - Choosing finish for a Fitness Centre

Foot traffic and weight bearing are two key considerations when one needs to choose the most functional Sydney flooring for a gym or, fitness centre. Hardwood floors have been used for many years in gyms and fitness centres across the globe because they are durable, reliable and easy to maintain.

Consistent moisture levels are important to hardwood Sydney flooring which is why one must ensure that the relative humidity is between 35 and 55 RH. Gaps need to be factored during installation of Sydney flooring to allow expansion or, contraction. A protective finish on Sydney flooring is recommended. However, use of temporary decals or tape is discouraged since it can pose a safety risk.

A daily dust mopping and regular cleaning is recommended to maintain the finish of Sydney flooring. Depending on the use, the floor must be recoated every year and resealed, sanded, repainted and refinished every 10 to 15 years to ensure longevity

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