Sydney Flooring – Pros and Cons of Vinyl Flooring

Historically vinyl flooring was a popular low cost option for bathrooms and kitchens due to its ability to resist water. This characteristic of vinyl flooring still makes it a popular choice amongst commercial floors. However, there are some weaknesses that many overlook or do not know about. The following is a list of pros and cons made by Sydney flooring company PK Flooring designed to give consumers the adequate knowledge they deserve.


Water Resistant and Stain Resistance:

-        As mentioned aboved vinyl has properties that make it extremely functional in bathrooms and kitchens. Surface water does not cause damage to occur to the flooring however, this does not mean it will survive against flooding.

Low maintenance:

-       Vinyl Floor is the commercial floor  which requires the least amount of maintenance which makes it very desirable for businesses and in kitchens of homes. Vacuuming is not necessary just regular sweeping and the occasional mop.


-       Whether wearing shoes or being barefoot vinyl is one of the more comfortable commercial floor options, this is due a thin backing of resilient foam or felt.  


Damage to the environment:

-       Vinyl is very difficult to recycle and due to this it is not a popular option amongst environmentally conscious consumers.

Difficult to repair:

-       Vinyl flooring can become a costly commercial floor when dealing with repairs due to its difficulty.

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