Pros and Cons of Rubber Floor Tiles as Commercial Flooring in Brisbane

Rubber floor tiles come with a variety of features that makes them a popular choice for businesses looking for commercial flooring in Brisbane. This is especially true for businesses with specific requirements like sound-proofing, comfort, and others. Let’s take a look at how rubber floor tiles meet these requirements and more. Read more >

Using Composite Vinyl Tiles as Commercial Flooring in Sydney

Vinyl flooring is generally resilient and beautiful, thus making them a great choice as commercial flooring in Sydney. This is especially true in establishments with high foot traffic since it is capable of handling a significant amount of wear and tear and at the same time, help to enhance the overall appeal of the place. In general, vinyl flowing comes in two varieties: Sheet vinyl flooring and vinyl composite tile. For this article, we’ll take a look at the different advantages of using vinyl composite tile in commercial spaces. Read more >

What Are Some of the Most Common Myths Prevalent About Hardwood Floors?
If you want an elegant and stylish flooring for your office, you should opt for hardwood flooring. As mentioned earlier, these floors never go out of style. Nor do they ever look dated. Instead, their versatility makes them suit virtually kinds of interior décor styles with minimal fuss. However, these floors can be relatively more expensive than other kinds of flooring material – such as commercial vinyl flooring Read more >
Benefits Of Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Durable Read more >

An Overview of Rubber Flooring

 Read more >
Why Do Some Commercial Property Owners Prefer Installing Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

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Your Commercial Flooring Material Could Affect the Fortunes of Your Business
commercial vinyl flooring Read more >
What Kinds of Commercial Flooring Options Are Popular Throughout Australia?

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Your Commercial Flooring Material Could Affect the Fortunes of Your Business

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Peter Kelly Flooring (PKF Flooring) – The Name to Bank on for the Best Commercial Flooring Solutions

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