The Economics of Vinyl Flooring Sydney and Brisbane

Renovating commercial spaces is an increasingly costly task especially when it comes to flooring costs in Sydney.  Cutting costs can be difficult as it can often mean compromising on quality, style and effective installation. Luckily however, installing vinyl flooring available in Sydney and Brisbane does not have to be such a costly endeavour. Attractive, high-quality, functional and durable vinyl boards can be installed and maintained at affordable prices thanks to floor covering specialists in Sydney and Brisbane such as PK Flooring.

On average vinyl flooring in Sydney and Brisbane installation costs vary from $26/sqm to $35/sqm. What is important to note is that even top of the line vinyl flooring is still far cheaper than the average cost of solid timber floor coverings. These savings made possible through choosing vinyl flooring for your commercial space can allow for extra add-ons to be incorporated to your flooring. A popular extra feature that is quite necessary if possible is an underlay. This acts as a protector against moisture that makes its way from the sub floor and improves on the overall comfort of the flooring. Another optional extra is an acoustic underlay that provides benefits for flooring on second story and above floors, minimising the sound of footsteps.

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