Using Commercial Vinyl Flooring for High-Traffic Areas

Many commercial establishments and businesses are keen on using vinyl flooring. The popularity of the material comes from its durability and sturdiness. In addition, commercial vinyl flooring is easy to maintain. When it comes to vinyl flooring, Brisbane based companies can easily install and even maintain them for businesses. 

High Traffic Areas

The material is particularly popular in areas with a high volume of traffic. These high traffic areas normally require durable flooring material to ensure they are not easily damaged. While hardwood may be an option, the cost of using hardwood for large areas may be too steep for the material to be cost-effective. Due to this, many businesses opt to use commercial vinyl flooring for these areas. With the choice of this floor covering, Brisbane companies can easily install it on any high-traffic area within any business establishment.
But there are some things to consider before business choose a suitable company specializing in vinyl flooring in Brisbane. The following are some of the things to take into account before the first vinyl sheet is laid into the area.

Warranties on Commercial Vinyl

Since there are different types of vinyl material, it is essential for the flooring company to become aware of the volume of traffic passing through the area. When it comes to providing warranties for vinyl flooring, Brisbane companies will use this information to make the necessary adjustments on the type of warranty they can provide. Aside from the traffic volume, it will also consider the situation in the area since it may be prone to flooding, which will have a considerable impact on the warranty.
But the warranty will likely cover only manufacturer defects. When working on the warranty for the floor covering, Brisbane commercial vinyl flooring companies will likely focus on any design misprints, color, defects, and other similar manufacturer defects. It does not include any issues with installation, which among the common causes of issues with vinyl flooring. 


When vinyl is used in high traffic areas, business establishments should expect some type of color discoloration. This normally happens due to a buildup of dirt and debris over a period of time. In addition, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause the material to have a yellowish color. 
This discoloration can be delayed through proper maintenance. A cleaning solution designed for vinyl can be used to ensure anystains will be removed as soon as they are spotted. 
But it will eventually come due to the high volume of traffic passing through the area. To help maintain the chic appearance of the vinyl flooring, Brisbane can strip the flooring and replace it. It will restore the commercial floor covering to its original state. This is one thing business owners can consider doing once or twice a year depending on the volume of traffic passing through the area. 

Dents and Damage

While vinyl is a durable material, it may not be able to withstand damage caused by the constant movement of furniture in the area. The material may also be damage when chair legs without any protection can also scratch the floor. High traffic areas may also see ladies walking around using unpadded high heels. This can also cause scratches and dents on the material. 
Smaller dents and damage can be remedied using liquid seam filler. But major damage may require the replacement of the damaged tiles. When it comes to replacing vinyl floor covering, Brisbane companies have the necessary experience and equipment to ensure they are done properly. 
It is important for business owners to take these things into account before they decide on the type of commercial vinyl covering they want to use in high traffic areas within their establishments.

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