Using Composite Vinyl Tiles as Commercial Flooring in Sydney

Vinyl flooring is generally resilient and beautiful, thus making them a great choice as commercial flooring in Sydney. This is especially true in establishments with high foot traffic since it is capable of handling a significant amount of wear and tear and at the same time, help to enhance the overall appeal of the place. In general, vinyl flowing comes in two varieties: Sheet vinyl flooring and vinyl composite tile. For this article, we’ll take a look at the different advantages of using vinyl composite tile in commercial spaces.

Strength and Durability

Vinyl composite tiles (and commercial vinyl flooring in general) are known for being strong and durable. High quality vinyl composite tiles are made of inorganic filler that offers advanced strength to the flooring to retain at least for 15-20 years with minimum damage. Recent advancements in the manufacture of vinyl composite tiles helped to enhance their performance in high pressure areas. In addition, vinyl composite tiles offer excellent dimensional stability that are impact resistant and cause very less wear and tear. Also, they are resistant to water and does not expand or become slippery like wood and concrete.

Noise Reduction

Most types of tile floorings create noise when people walk on it. In contrast, vinyl composite tiles are found to have good sound insulation properties. Thus, they do not produce any sound or noise when someone or something is moving on its surface. Because of their sound insulation properties, vinyl composite tiles are preferable option for commercial flooring in Sydney by institutions and business organizations that see a significant amount of movement and want to reduce the noise that such activities create.

Beautiful Designs

Vinyl composite tiles come in a wide array of attractive styles and designs coated with appealing finishes. They are available in the market in traditional to contemporary awe-inspiring patterns and multiple shades. With the latest manufacturing technologies, vinyl composite tiles are able to mimic a variety of styles and patterns like hardwood, natural stone, and many more. With all the choices available, there is no need to compromise on your desired design for your establishment’s floors.

There are a host of other advantages of vinyl composite tiles. These include ease of installation, resilience to damages caused by ultraviolet rays and excessive heating, and the ability to be refinished and replaced without much physical effort. Having said all that, vinyl composite tiles are indeed one of the best options for commercial flooring in Sydney

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