What Are Some of the Most Common Myths Prevalent About Hardwood Floors?

If you want an elegant and stylish flooring for your office, you should opt for hardwood flooring. As mentioned earlier, these floors never go out of style. Nor do they ever look dated. Instead, their versatility makes them suit virtually kinds of interior décor styles with minimal fuss. However, these floors can be relatively more expensive than other kinds of flooring material – such as commercial vinyl flooring

Also, these floors will require a little more attention and care. In return, if you look after your floor well enough, you will be able to enjoy it for a few decades or more. During this time, all you will need to do is to get professionals to sand and re-finish the floor. This fact alone highlights the immense value that wooden floors offer.

Despite being timeless, versatile and stylish, several myths prevail when it comes to commercial hardwood flooring. Some of the most common ones include:

Maintaining Commercial Hardwood Floors is Tough: Unlike floors made of other flooring materials, hardwood floors require proper care and maintenance. But, this doesn’t mean that looking after them involves expending a considerable amount of time, effort or money. To keep your hardwood floor clean, all you need is a broom or a dry fibre mop. In addition, cleaning the floor with a recommended wooden floor cleaning solution each month could be beneficial as well. 

You Need to Have Deep Pockets for Purchasing Hardwood Floors: Genuine hardwood floors cost relatively more than many other commercial flooring options. But, they last for much longer than other flooring materials as well. When comparing expenses of various flooring types, people often forget to consider the long-term cost of hardwood floors. High-quality hardwood floors will have a high initial upfront cost. But, they will last you for decades. 

This is primarily because wooden floors offer superior levels of longevity. In addition, they usually do not need much maintenance or repairs. Hence, you can simply give your hardwood floors a makeover by refinishing and sanding them throughout their lifetimes. This will not only ensure that these floors continue to retain their visually appealing look. In addition, it will serve to extend their service life as well.

Hardwood Floors Are Not Very Durable: Contrary to popular perceptions, commercial hardwood floors are very durable. They can withstand high volumes of workplace traffic. In addition, these floors are naturally resistant to wear and tear. Unsurprisingly, they make for long-lasting flooring materials. 

On occasions, these floors can develop scratch and scuff marks. But, it is worth highlighting that these marks appear on the commercial hardwood floor finish and not on the actual wood. Hence, applying a maintenance coat will restore the floor to its original state. To remedy deeper scratch marks, get the floor sanded and re-finished.

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