What Is The Best Way To Care For Your New Hardwood Or Timber Flooring?

Timber or hardwood floors are among the most popular commercial flooring options in the country. These floors are among the best in the business. Not only do they exude a superlative and classic look. They can do wonders to life the visual appeal of any commercial building with minimal fuss.

Hardwood floors are not only a delight to look at. Their timelessly classic and elegant look ensures that, at no time, will your facility look dated or obsolete. The look of these floors makes a place look more warm and welcoming. Importantly, these floors can easily tide over various trends that are currently in vogue when it comes to flooring materials and designs. Unsurprisingly, in terms of investment, they offer optimal value for your money.

However, merely purchasing a hardwood floor is not sufficient. You will need to take proper care of it as well. This will mean using vacuums that feature beater bar attachments. Some people use floor cleaning products meant for use on vinyl or tile floors on hardwood floors. This will damage the wooden floors. Flooring experts urge people not to use steam or wet mops for cleaning hardwood floors. 

Walking on these floors with high heels or sports cleats is also not beneficial. Similarly, sliding heavy objects (such as furniture) across wooden floors can damage these floors significantly. In addition, some people think nothing of applying excessive levels of floor wax in light traffic areas. This will not yield any benefits either.

Given the number of prohibited actions pertaining to the maintenance of hardwood floors, you might feel that caring for these floors is a complicated process. But, this is not the case at all. Cleaning and maintaining a hardwood floor is not only simple. It is straightforward as well. Simply use a broom, a dust mop or a vacuum that features a floor-brush attachment to clean the floor. If the floor requires deeper levels of cleaning, consider using a diluted wood flooring cleaner with a mop.

 Hardwood floors can develop scratches and scuff marks over time. To remove these, apply floor wax with the help of a fine steel wool. It is worth highlighting that hardwood floors typically need maintenance coats every three to five years or so. Also, you will do well to contact hardwood flooring professionals in the vicinity to sand and refinish the floor after 20 years or so. 

Hardwood floors are among the most loved floor covering options in Brisbane  and other cities in Australia. These floors can enhance the value of a property in both tangible and intangible ways. They can work well with all kinds of interior décor styles. Moreover, they never look dated or obsolete. As a result, they can easily make any building appear stylish and elegant with minimal fuss. However, commercial property owners might need to carry out some preventive maintenance activities to keep their floors looking good for longer spans of time. 

This will involve wiping up spills as soon as possible to prevent damage to the wood. Installing furniture protectors might be beneficial too. These could prevent scratches and scuff marks from appearing on the floor. The use of throw rugs or mats at entry and exit points in the facility could prevent debris from damaging the hardwood floor as well. 

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that wooden flooring can shrink in cold conditions. Using a humidifier in these months might help in minimising this to an extent.

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