What Kinds of Commercial Flooring Options Are Popular Throughout Australia?

In the past, homeowners did not have much by way of choice when it came to flooring options. The usual choices remained confined to natural stone, hardwood etc. However, the scenario has transformed remarkably over the past few decades. Homeowners these days have no dearth of options when they shop for new flooring for their homes. This scenario holds true for commercial flooring as well. Commercial floors nowadays come in a diverse range of types and styles. From carpets to vinyl floors, owners of commercial facilities can easily take their pick from an assortment of options.

Many homeowners like adorning their floors with residential carpets. Manufacturers of carpets also supply commercial grade carpets for use in commercial environments. However, commercial grade carpets are not entirely identical to their residential counterparts. For starters, residential carpets will usually feature muted colours and softer patterns. In contrast, commercial carpets typically come in bold designs, designer colours and random patterns that serve to mask stains and dirt. Similarly, residential carpets usually feature thinner polypropylene. This serves to reduce the weight and the cost of the carpet. Commercial carpets feature variable levels of nylon, which offer greater levels of durability. 

Manufacturers of residential carpets typically focus on supplying carpets that enhance the levels of underfoot comfort. Many people like walking in bare feet on the carpet. Thus, the manufacturers weave the carpet fabric in a looser loop to provide better levels of cushioning. In contrast, commercial carpets prioritise durability. The tighter loop used in commercial carpets does not compress much under pressure. As a result, it provides higher levels of resistance and durability. Some owners of commercial facilities prefer installing commercial grade resilient flooring. This flooring typically features a much thicker wear surface than its residential counterpart. In terms of durability, resilient flooring can last for several years. This aspect makes resilient flooring ideal for use in many public spaces such as long-term care and other healthcare facilities. It is worth mentioning that suppliers often offer resilient flooring in various niche products to suit a myriad of special purpose applications. For instance, resilient floors could come with anti-slip features, which are necessary in commercial kitchens. Similarly, resilient floors could also come with sterilisable non-porous and anti-bacterial properties, which are ideal in healthcare facilities.

Commercial vinyl flooring is one of the most popular flooring options for commercial and industrial properties in the country. This flooring is a specialty hard surface flooring material meant solely for use in industrial and commercial facilities. Thus, you will find it hard to come across similar residential flooring options. The durability and lifespan of specialty hard surface flooring makes it appropriate for use in commercial applications. But, these traits also come with higher price tags. Thus, the average homeowner might find these floors well beyond their budgets. However, if you do not have any budgetary constraints, you could use these flooring materials in your homes too. For instance, Vinyl Composition Tiles (VCTs) are superb in industrial facilities. But, they will look equally nice in a residential property too.

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