Which Flooring Materials Can Be Ideal for Using in High-Traffic Areas of Your Facility?

Suppliers of commercial flooring in Brisbane and other places invariably stock a diverse selection of flooring options. From timber floors to vinyl floors, they will have it all. Among other things, they will be able to offer a splendid array of floor coverings suitable for use in homes and offices alike. However, commercial floors will differ from their residential counterparts in at least one major aspect i.e. their ability to withstand high levels of traffic. Even if you entertain often, the floor in your home will not witness the level of traffic that even small commercial facilities inevitably do. So, when you buy a new flooring for your commercial property, you will often need to consider the level of traffic that the new floor will need to withstand.

Using a regular commercial floor in high-traffic areas might not always be beneficial. Manufacturers of high-traffic flooring build such flooring to withstand endless foot traffic. Thus, even after a year or so, these heavy-duty floors will exhibit only minimal signs of wear and tear. It goes without saying that commercial flooring can be a big and costly investment. Hence, as a commercial property owner, you will want to get optimal value for your money. Among other things, you will want your new floor to remain functional and wear-resistant over the years without losing its aesthetic appeal. In such situations, the best high-traffic flooring to consider could include:

-        Hardwood Floors: These floors have been around for ages. Their classical and timeless look has made these floors a perennial favourite among residential and commercial property owners alike. Hardwood floors possess immense levels of strength. They can also feel very comfortable to walk on. Not surprisingly, these floors have found widespread use in hospitals, museums and dozens of other commercial facilities across Australia. With proper maintenance, these floors can offer years of use. It can be worth highlighting that the initial outlay for these floors might seem high. But, over their lifetime, the cost of these floors will prove to be more cost-effective than other commercial flooring options.

-        Vinyl Floors: Commercial vinyl flooring has become quite popular in Sydney and other places. As a flooring material, vinyl offers superior levels of durability and strength. Of late, technological advancements have made these floors stylish and visually appealing as well. Manufacturers today can design vinyl floors to mimic the look of hardwood, stone or ceramic tiled floors with minimal fuss. Thus, you can acquire a floor that resembles authentic hardwood floors at a much lower price. It can be worth mentioning that vinyl remains susceptible to abrasions caused by the presence of dirt, sand and debris. Thus, you will need to sweep or vacuum the floor regularly.

-        Concrete Floors: These floors can be quite easy to spot in salons, restaurants and other retail spaces. The ease with which concrete can weather high-traffic levels makes it an outstanding choice for commercial establishments. Suppliers these days can offer concrete floors in an array of decorative options. Thus, these floors will not only look good, but offer years of use as well. High-quality finishes and coating can enhance the longevity of concrete floors further. These coatings can make the concrete floor repel spills, resist stains and offer sufficient grip to minimise slips and falls.


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