Which Trends Have Begun to Gain Currency in the Commercial Flooring Industry?

Hardwood or timber flooring has the reputation of being one of the top flooring materials the world over. Several reasons abound for this widespread popularity that hardwood floors enjoy. For starters, they look stylish and elegant. They exude a timelessly classic look. Hence, you can rest assured that your flooring will never look dated or obsolete. These floors can last you for years. But, they will need regular care and maintenance. They might require polishing and sanding every four or five years to spruce them up. Thus, it hardly comes as a surprise that hardwood floors remain the most popular floor covering in Brisbane and other Australian cities.

Having said that, technologies and styles undergo change quite rapidly. Therefore, keeping up with the latest commercial flooring trends can be difficult. Some of the trends that have begun coming into vogue these days include:

-        Changes in the Shape of Tiles: For several decades, traditional square tiles used to be the norm in all kinds of flooring materials. However, this no longer remains the case. Increasingly, rectangular square tiles have begun replacing their traditional square counterparts. In some cases, the use of hexagonal tiles has also become fairly popular.

-        A Move Towards Sustainable Flooring: The demand for environmentally sustainable products continues to rise. It has made its appearance in the flooring industry too. Many business owners have begun realising that customers prefer buying from companies who remain committed to protecting the environment. Thus, environmentally-friendly commercial flooring options have begun to emerge. For instance, bamboo flooring remains a recyclable and highly-renewable source in terms of commercial flooring. Similarly, cork floors have high levels of popularity too.

-        Cost-Effective Alternatives to Hardwood Floors: As mentioned earlier, hardwood floors will probably be among the most widely sold flooring materials the world over. However, these floors usually have a relatively higher price. This often puts them beyond the budget of many people. Advancements in manufacturing technology have yielded suitable alternatives. These alternatives look just like authentic hardwood floors without the associated cost. For instance, some suppliers have begun stocking porcelain floors that look just like natural hardwood floors. These floors offer higher levels of durability and reliability as opposed to natural hardwood floors. Similarly, laminate flooring apes the look of hardwood, while remaining very affordable. Lastly, you might have come across vinyl flooring in Brisbane and other places. These floors use photo-imaging technology to create realistic surface layers that mimic natural hardwood floors. Not surprisingly, many commercial setups these days have begun using vinyl planks. For establishments that have deeper pockets, luxury vinyl flooring remains the best bet for its most realistic and visually appealing look.  For more information on our products, contact PK Flooring  today.

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