Woodgrade Timber Floors for Residential or Commercial use

Wood grade timber floors for residential or commercial flooring use, have always held presence amongst quality homes and commercial dwellings because of their everlasting and definitive appeal. They are not only stunning, but they are also very sturdy and can last if ta looked after correctly. When it comes to timber floors, the options available for residential and commercial property are huge Nevertheless, before having  floors  installed, be certain to understand  the different aspects when the choosing to  purchasing of timber floors.

Wood Grade

Industry terms you’d hear when talking about timber flooring is the ‘grade.’ This term actually refers to the appearances of the timber which includes the following:

•Type of grain
•Colour variations
•Quantity of the knots
•Size of the knots

These characteristics mentioned influence the overall appearance of the timber floor. For example, a timber grade with large knots and several cracks here and there will likely be most suitable for those who are looking for a yet rustic appeal, while those who are considering a  more formal and elegant commercial floor  may require a  clean, straight grained timber flooring option.

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