The Standard for School Floor Covering in Brisbane.

The educational sector and in particular primary and high schools require performance and reliability with their flooring. They are extremely busy environments where huge amounts of children cover small amounts of flooring at times such as during recess and lunch. The type of floor coverings for schools in Brisbane depends on the function of space, activity levels and intensity of footfall. Therefore, the floor coverings used in schools need to be adequately safe. This can be achieved through slip resistance vinyl floorings, carpet tiling and creating relatively easy, risk free methods of maintenance. Vinyl flooring is a very popular choice of flooring in this regard as it meets performance, aesthetics and functionality. Read more >

Commercial Carpet Flooring Maintenance

The maintenance of carpet flooring is painstaking, frequent and essential. It is one of the commercial floors that absolutely requires high maintenance if you wish to gain the best possible outcome in terms of performance and appearance. Read more >

Importance of Sydney flooring across all market sectors

The differing types of flooring supplied by PKF are used across a wide array of market sectors each requiring differing functions and specifications. As Sydney flooring specialist we supply and install vinyl, carpet, timber and rubber flooring to our clients across these market segments and have been doing so for 40 years. Here is a list of some the different market segments we supply to and the common types of flooring they require. Read more >

How to refinish commercial vinyl flooring?

Yes, your commercial vinyl flooring can be refinished after using for years. The Vinyl flooring can easily become yellowish or dull in color. Follow the proper flooring manufacturer’s recommendations given in manual for maintaining the commercial vinyl flooring, when choosing a finishing product for your vinyl floor. Make sure that the floor stripper and finish you choose fulfill with volatile organic compound (VOC) emission standards where you live. Read more >

Choosing Timber Floors as Residential or Commercial Flooring Options

Timber floors, as residential or commercial flooring options, have always held sway amongst many home and establishment owners because of their timeless and classic appeal. They are not only beautiful, but they are also extremely durable and can last for a very long time if taken cared of properly. When it comes to timber floors, there are certainly many options available for residential and commercial property owners to choose from. However, before committing to having one installed, be sure to familiarize yourself first with the different factors and considerations that must be taken in the choosing and purchasing of timber floors. Read more >

Woodgrade Timber Floors for Residential or Commercial use

Wood grade timber floors for residential or commercial flooring use, have always held presence amongst quality homes and commercial dwellings because of their everlasting and definitive appeal. They are not only stunning, but they are also very sturdy and can last if ta looked after correctly. When it comes to timber floors, the options available for residential and commercial property are huge Nevertheless, before having  floors  installed, be certain to understand  the different aspects when the choosing to  purchasing of timber floors. Read more >

Aged Care Facilities Sydney Flooring Options

There are many commercial flooring options available which can be used for aged care flooring, and choosing among them can sometimes be challenging Read more >

Growing demand for laminate flooring

Vinyl flooring Sydney not only offers style, durability and easy installation but also easy maintenance thereby offering a hygienic home. To ensure easy cleaning and maintenance one needs to remove dust from the vinyl flooring surface daily. It is easier to maintain Vinyl flooringSydney without any dust build-up on the surface. Once a week, the flooring can be cleaned with a damp mop and neutral detergent.  Read more >

Vinyl flooring Brisbane – Increasingly Popular Flooring

 Read more >

Sydney flooring – Planning for flooring budget

In case you are planning to replace your Sydney flooring it is extremely important to plan the budget correctly. With proper assessment of the flooring replacement and any associated cost, Sydney flooring installation can be time and cost efficient when budgeted rightly. One needs to understand the type of flooring their business needs so that they can plan accordingly. Read more >

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