The Economics of Vinyl Flooring Sydney and Brisbane

Renovating commercial spaces is an increasingly costly task especially when it comes to flooring costs in Sydney.  Cutting costs can be difficult as it can often mean compromising on quality, style and effective installation. Luckily however, installing vinyl flooring available in Sydney and Brisbane does not have to be such a costly endeavour. Attractive, high-quality, functional and durable vinyl boards can be installed and maintained at affordable prices thanks to floor covering specialists in Sydney and Brisbane such as PK Flooring.  Read more >

Sydney Flooring – Pros and Cons of Vinyl Flooring

Historically vinyl flooring was a popular low cost option for bathrooms and kitchens due to its ability to resist water. This characteristic of vinyl flooring still makes it a popular choice amongst commercial floors. However, there are some weaknesses that many overlook or do not know about. The following is a list of pros and cons made by Sydney flooring company PK Flooring designed to give consumers the adequate knowledge they deserve. Read more >

Pros and Cons of commercial timber floors

Timber flooring is one of the most popular choices for businesses when it comes to commercial floors, particularly for office floors. The installation and use of timber floors come with its pros and cons, as does any commercial floors. It’s important to not overlook the cons as depending on  your business they can have a varying level of severity.  Read more >

Commercial floors – Timber Maintenance

High quality timber flooring is a popular option amongst businesses looking for commercial floors in the Sydney area. The style of timber conveys a professional look that is sure to be appreciated by those who walk on top of it. Additionally, timber is one of the commercial floors that is most durable, tough and that requires the least amount of maintenance. However, there are some things to note when it comes to timber flooring maintenance.  Read more >

Commercial Floor Maintenance Tips For Every Type Available at PK Flooring.

Floor covering available in Brisbane comes in many differing shapes, sizes and feels. Each type of flooring requires its own manner of maintenance that should be adhered to carefully and diligently. Here are some quick tips for Commercial floor maintenance for every type of floor covering available in Brisbane store PK Flooring. Read more >

Pros and Cons of Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a popular flooring choice that has great utility in rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, waiting areas, retail shops, dentists’ office etc. Additionally, there are different types of vinyl being either sheets or tiles also coming in different sizes. Sometimes commercial vinyl flooring is the perfect fit for a building and other times not, the pros and cons of Vinyl will be discussed below. Read more >

The Standard for School Floor Covering in Brisbane.

The educational sector and in particular primary and high schools require performance and reliability with their flooring. They are extremely busy environments where huge amounts of children cover small amounts of flooring at times such as during recess and lunch. The type of floor coverings for schools in Brisbane depends on the function of space, activity levels and intensity of footfall. Therefore, the floor coverings used in schools need to be adequately safe. This can be achieved through slip resistance vinyl floorings, carpet tiling and creating relatively easy, risk free methods of maintenance. Vinyl flooring is a very popular choice of flooring in this regard as it meets performance, aesthetics and functionality. Read more >

Commercial Carpet Flooring Maintenance

The maintenance of carpet flooring is painstaking, frequent and essential. It is one of the commercial floors that absolutely requires high maintenance if you wish to gain the best possible outcome in terms of performance and appearance. Read more >

Importance of Sydney flooring across all market sectors

The differing types of flooring supplied by PKF are used across a wide array of market sectors each requiring differing functions and specifications. As Sydney flooring specialist we supply and install vinyl, carpet, timber and rubber flooring to our clients across these market segments and have been doing so for 40 years. Here is a list of some the different market segments we supply to and the common types of flooring they require. Read more >

How to refinish commercial vinyl flooring?

Yes, your commercial vinyl flooring can be refinished after using for years. The Vinyl flooring can easily become yellowish or dull in color. Follow the proper flooring manufacturer’s recommendations given in manual for maintaining the commercial vinyl flooring, when choosing a finishing product for your vinyl floor. Make sure that the floor stripper and finish you choose fulfill with volatile organic compound (VOC) emission standards where you live. Read more >

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